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I’ve been reading the Gospels in chronological order over the last few months, & I just finished today. It’s been so so good. It’s been eye-opening, it’s been faith-stirring, & it’s been confidence-building. 

I have a confession; for so many years, I practically refused to read the Gospels because it seemed so repetitive. I grew up in church hearing all these stories and felt like I got nothing out of rereading them. But I felt convicted to read them about 6 months ago, and I obeyed. I’m so glad I did; once again, the Lord revealed his faithfulness not only to me but to his people thousands of years ago.

I wouldn’t want to follow anyone but Jesus. The way he loved was beyond his time (well he’s king over all time & his word is final, but you know what I mean). The way he treated others, especially women, was world-changing.

He saw through compassionate, big picture, God-eyes.

He was extraordinary within his ordinary human body.

He was all powerful within a weak human body.

He was all knowing, all feeling, yet humble and selfless.

He doesn’t hold our transgressions over our heads nor fill us with shame. He loves us and wants us to put the past behind us and sin no more.

He asks the Father to forgive those who spit on him, call him names and refuse to see clearly.

He tells us to drop our stones, pick up our cross, and follow him. No matter our past or preoccupations. He wants us. He wants every tongue and tribe and nation. He wants the Gentiles, the untouchables, the lepers… adulterers, idolaters, liars, & thieves. He wants us all despite how unworthy we are.

Despite how little the world cares for us, He sees us. Knows us. Has experienced what we have. He knows our struggles and knows we aren’t good enough. So He had to come and do his Father’s will. It was the only way.

He died our deaths. He died with our sin on his head. The weight of the world’s agony and disgrace placed upon him—for us. For me. For you. 

He thought we were good enough to make us good enough?? He was good enough to make us good enough. 

He came back from the dead. He revealed himself to his followers and said to believe without seeing (that’s us!)

He chose me. He chose you. We just have to choose him back. We just have to accept what he’s already done. He’s already made a way. And there’s nothing we can do to lose his love. 

He’s going to come again. Every knee will bow.

Earth is meant to look like heaven. May it come now and not just in the far off distance. May we play a part in making disciples and changing the dynamic of this world.

May we follow the Lord and let his Spirit lead us into all good works. May we pour out into the next generation. And love our neighbor as ourselves. May we turn the other cheek to our enemies. May we humble ourselves and remember how Jesus lived. May we do the greater things He said we’d be able to do.

May we understand the call over our lives and live it so sacrificially like Christ did—even if it means ridicule or death. 

May we have a real love for others, the purest kind where we would lay down our lives for them.

May we repent of our old ways and become his disciples. Leaning into him and allowing him to wash us. May we preach his Gospel with our brothers and sisters. May we not stay quiet about all we’ve seen and experienced.

The Son of Man. The prophesied one. The sacrificial Lamb.

The one needed from the beginning to redeem the first one on earth.

The man of sorrows. The Prince of peace. The Lord of lords. The one true God.

The way, the truth, and the life.

The way to the Father.

The gate. The door. The Gardener. The Bread of life.

The body and the blood.

The new covenant. The forgiveness for sins.

I encourage you to read the Gospels. I read them in chronological order, and seeing the overlap and the different details mentioned in each was so interesting. I appreciated the Scriptures even more.

A good resource to do so is:

Whatever means you use, just soak in the Word. Open your heart to the character of Jesus and the fulfillment of the Promise.

Read the Old Testament, read the Gospels, read Paul’s letters, read Revelation. No matter how hard, intimidating, or repetitive you believe a part of the Bible to be, read it because the Word of God lasts forever. Each word points to the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Let the Word pierce your heart like the sword it is.

As always, I love you and am praying for you. Feel free to contact me about anything ❤

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