Hey! My name is Belton Moody

Before I am anything else, I am a child of God. Everything I do stems from the love I have received undeservingly from my Father because of my beautiful Savior. The Spirit within is what beckons me to write — which is what I am doing here. Hi!

Welcome to my blog!

Since starting this blog in the fall of 2018, the Lord has revealed and cultivated this passion of mine.

Writing has become my avenue of expressing all that the Lord stirs in my heart. He is teaching me how to hear his voice and understand his heart. He has instructed me to share some of these things with others, so that they too may know him for who he truly is.

My purpose in life is to point people to God, specifically to convey to women how God really feels about them and how to follow him. I do this by being vulnerable about my own experiences, so that God’s glory may be revealed.

“For I am full of pent up words, and the spirit within me urges me on” – Job 32:18

“I are writing these things so that you may fully share my joy” – 1 John 1:4

“I have been bold enough to write about some of these points, knowing that all you need is this reminder” – Romans 15:15

Some other things about me… I grew up as an Army brat, but I’m currently living in Clemson, South Carolina — Go tigers! I’m engaged to my best friend! I love swing dancing, iced coffee, thrift shopping, and hugs. I got to intern at my church for 8 months and want to work in women’s ministry in the future. The dream would be to turn this corner of the internet into a nonprofit organization ☺

I am so glad you have stopped by!

You can find me on Instagram at @be_moody