Being Moody desires to bring the Lord glory through vulnerable writing.

The blog’s purpose is to give readers a better understanding of God’s true character and how to best follow him in light of that.


The name “Being Moody” originated as a pun based on Belton’s name (B. E. Moody).

However, a deeper meaning emerged later on. Being moody is often considered a bad thing. It can be used as an insult when paired with a negative tone of voice. It can be dismissive of someone’s feelings.

But if someone is in a bad mood, they usually need something. When someone is acting differently, there is usually something deeper going on.

Emotions and feelings are usually valid, but they should also always point us back to our loving, sovereign, and just God. We should weigh our feelings against his Spirit and Truth.

Being Moody wants to be intentional about being vulnerable in feelings and then seeking God and his purpose in them. It’s all about taking thoughts captive and submitting them to the truth of Scripture.


In the fall of 2018, Belton started this blog as a means of writing about everything she was doing at Clemson University her freshman year — she wanted to keep her grandmas in the loop without just overloading social media.

Shortly after settling into Clemson, she got a tattoo with her mom and felt strongly compelled to write out the whole story behind it. This is when her first real blog post was published. (CLICK HERE to read it!)

Shortly after that, the Lord started putting this urgency for her to share things — vulnerable, hard, embarrassing things.

She began to get a lot of positive feedback, and her love of writing began to flourish.

The blog is now entirely based on the things the Lord stirs in Belton’s heart, and she hopes that one day the blog will grow to reach more hearts for the Lord.