About the Blog

Being Moody is an open space where the Lord’s glory can be on display. The blog’s purpose is to bring God glory and for readers to see Him for who He truly is — an incredibly intricate, beautiful person. I hope that by being vulnerable in my writing, God’s glorious light and power will shine through.

Why “Being Moody?”

My name is Belton E. Moody → B. E. Moody, so I often use “be moody” and “being moody” for things because they’re clever, and I like puns.

Also, I think “moody” often has a bad connotation. Usually when someone says a girl is “being moody,” they are making light of her feelings. They are usually insulting her for feeling strongly about something.

But when someone is being moody they are being emotional, and I believe God created emotions to draw us back to him, especially feelings of sadness and joy. In our sadness, we go to him for spiritual and physical protection; in our joy, we go to him with praise and thanksgiving.

People are always so judgmental of girls who are easily or extremely emotional. While emotions shouldn’t dictate everything about us, they are important and should not be brushed aside as something negative that needs covering up.

Within this blog, I hope to show how when I am being moody, I experience the Lord because when I am feeling especially emotional, I find more of him and his character.

The History Behind the Blog

In the fall of 2018, I started this blog as a means of writing about everything I was doing at Clemson and posting photos for my grandmas to see. I thought it would be fun to document my time here with a blog instead of putting everything on facebook.

Shortly after settling into Clemson, I got a tattoo with my mom, and I felt strongly compelled to write out the whole story behind it. I didn’t want to post it on facebook or instagram, so I ended up writing a blog post about it. (click here to read it)

Shortly after that, the Lord kept putting this urgency to type things out — vulnerable, hard, embarrassing things. I was technically documenting my time at Clemson but in a way that brought glory to God.

I began to get a lot of positive feedback, and my love of writing began to flourish.

This blog is now entirely based on the things the Lord stirs in my heart, and I cannot help but write out and share them with anyone willing to read them.

Never would I have told you that I was a writer or enjoyed writing, but now I cannot get enough.

If I know anything about the Lord, it’s that He is not done working and there is so much more in store.

I cannot wait to see where he takes me and this blog.